• I like showing simple and exciting demonstrations of physical principals; here is one of my favorites: Exploding resistor demo.

    Picture of an exploded carbon film resistor body. This body was located after discharging a 900 μF capacitor charged to 300V.
    Picture of an exploded carbon film resistor body. Click the above link to see how I took this picture.
  • I am currently working on a solid state, pulse-width modulated, low power Tesla coil. Here is what I have so far.tesla_coil_1-svg
  • I reproduced my friend Iosif's disappearing milk demonstration of matching index of refraction. transparentmilk_beforeafter
  • The search for the best bubbles has lead me down the road of making my own. (I am considering selling these, so I don't want to put very much info on this out there yet. I will add a page for this soon.)
  • I also like driving around Atlanta in my golf cart that I revitalized.Picture of me on Putterin' Pete